SK | EN Peer-to-Peer Lending Already in Slovakia

P2P lending allows lending and borrowing money directly among... people. This model omits costly financial institutions; it allows borrowers to obtain a loan on more favorable terms and lenders to increase the value of their investments. It's a straightforward, transparent, and simple system.

GRADIAL IM assisted in two outstanding transactions recently closed in Slovakia

Consulting and management company GRADIAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, a.s. assisted in two outstanding real estate transactions...

New Trends in the Field of Real Estate Funds

The issue of real estate funds is not unknown in Slovakia. Four mutual funds specializing in real estate investments were set up in the years 2006 and 2007. Even though Slovak legal system does not provide a wide range of opportunities for different investment structures, each fund has actually made, in complience with law, his own investment strategy. Investor No.5. 2010, Volume XI

Where can one find great opportunuties for real estate investments?

In an enquiry for Investor No.5, 2010, Robert Horváth from GIM replied to the question “Where can one find great opportunities for real estate investments?": "Concerning the Slovak market, over the last couple of months we have noticed an increasing interest of investors - national and international - in cash generating projects

Tomáš Hlaváč is a new team member of GRADIAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, a.s.

Bratislava, April 2010. GRADIAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, a.s., the firm providing comprehensive services in the fields of management, investments, finances, and advising in real estate projects, enlarged its team to include Partner responsible for Czech Republic. The post is to be held by Tomáš Hlaváč, so far Director of CEE Portfolio B.V. fund.

What is the price of commercial real estates?

Investment sentiment on the real-estate market What is the up-to-date value of real estates? Bearing in mind this question, professionals such as surveyors, developers, bankers and investors discuss the topic. To give an answer to this simple question is tricky since there is no relevant benchmark in our country nowadays. Investor, March 2010, Volume XI

How to get the real price of real estates

Auction - one of the ways of how to aquire the place for living What is the price of real estates? The price is always the highest for the buyer while for the seller it is always the lowest. To find a condition in which both the sides will be satisfied is almost impossible. Investor, February 2010, Volume XI

More Possibilities to Invest

Comparing commercial and residential real estate market, the former is several times greater and more institutionalized. Majority of large development companies and investors take part in the commercial market as it offers more space and possibilities to invest.... Investor, december 2009, Volume X

Conditions on the Real Estate Market Have Changed

The article is dedicated to residences as an interesting investment factor. It deals with a wide-range of themes beginning with the standard investment process into residence and the main problems of current residential market in Slovakia. In addition, investment into residence for individual investors and other investment possibilities are tackled by R. Feranec from GRADIAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT. Investor No. October 2009, volume X.